Welcome to our online public consultation

Welcome to our consultation on proposals for an improved Performance Centre and Academy at 100 Jersey Road.

We want to hear your views on our plans.

Our vision is to deliver a first-class training facility which will help us to attract the best players we can, consolidate our Premier League place and help us meet our long-term goals including our ambition to secure European football.

We will also create space for a new academy to develop gifted young footballers as well as provide space for community use in partnership with the Brentford FC Community Sports Trust.

We will also create space for a new academy to develop gifted young footballers as well as provide space for community use in partnership with the Brentford FC Community Sports Trust.

On this website you can:

■ Take a look at the information provided which outlines our vision for the Performance Centre and Academy

■ Download the consultation materials by clicking here

■ Find out about the public consultation events

■ Let us know your feedback

Public Consultation:

We held public exhibition events at the training ground on the Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 December for local people and stakeholders to view the plans, meet the project team and provide their feedback.

We would still welcome any questions or comments you may have on the plans so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Images of the site as it is now.

About the Site

Brentford Football Club has operated its training ground at Jersey Road for 16 years. The site is a short distance North of Great West Road (A4) to the West of Osterley Park.

The training facilities comprise five outdoor pitches, the original sports club pavilion and a series of single storey prefabricated buildings some of which are in poor repair. The car park accommodates 70 cars and there is an area for parking overspill for visitors.

Why we are bringing forward these proposals

The Club already has a planning consent to make a range of improvements to the training ground facilities. However, these proposals were based on BFC being a Championship football club. Our recent promotion to the Premier League has led us to look again at these proposals and bring forward new plans which meet Premier League requirements and will support us to achieve our current and future ambitions as a Club.

Our Team

We have compiled an expert team to deliver the proposals and ensure it is the best it can be for our players, staff, visitors and the wider community.

The Proposals

Having achieved promotion to the Premier League in May 2021 we want to ensure that we can consolidate our Premier League place as well as support the longer-term success of the Club, including aiming for European football.

The proposals will ensure we create the best possible facility for our players, to help us meet our ambitions now and in the future. We also want this to be an asset for the community, providing real benefit to local people. We are proud residents of Brentford and the wider area; this is our home.

Our ambitions:

1. Be a good neighbour with low local impact through the careful management of traffic, noise and pollution.

2. Deliver the first Zero Carbon Premier League training ground – ensuring we are sustainable and environmentally friendly in the long-term.

3. Bring the football club together in an inclusive and diverse environment. This includes a new football academy and a programme of community involvement.

4. Provide excellent training facilities that support the nurturing of player talent, performance, recovery, treatment, and rehabilitation. We want this to be a personalised, player-centric environment suitable for a strategic, coach-led training programme.

5. Attract, recruit and develop the best football players. This includes an aspiration for nurturing and developing young talent through our academy and by ensuring youth players have access to the elite teams.

6. Be designed to promote an open and transparent way of working.

7. Be a secure, safe and accessible environment which allows the Club to engage with the local community.

Get Involved

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